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Panthera LogoIn partnership with Panthera, EJF Philanthropies is supporting a grants program dedicated solely to the conservation of the wild African cheetah.

Recently unveiled, the program awards one-year grants of up to $15,000 to support conservation and research projects on wild cheetahs across the species’ range in Africa. Seeking out the best and brightest cheetah conservationists in the field, as well as the most promising and innovative projects, this program aims to increase and connect healthy cheetah populations across the African continent and build the scientific capacity and expertise of the next generation of cheetah conservationists.

Taking a long term, range-wide view of cheetah conservation, the grants program focuses on conservation and research initiatives that survey the cheetah’s range where little data exists, including Angola, Ethiopia, Mozambique, South Sudan, Zambia, West Africa and North Africa; identify critical connections between viable cheetah populations; and apply interventions that mitigate threats to cheetahs.

Another goal of our grants program is to foster dialogue among existing cheetah projects and conservationists across Africa and cultivate these conservationists to become leaders within their own countries – allowing for local communities and individuals to protect their wildlife and ensure that the cheetah lives and thrives in Africa for centuries to come.

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