Sela Public Charter School

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Sela PCS is the first Hebrew language immersion public charter school in Washington, D.C. The school is committed to diversity, with the students, teachers, board of directors and administration reflecting the diversity of the nation’s capital.

A Tier 1 school, Sela is also committed to excellence in everything they do, from recruitment of teachers to their students’ academic achievement. They believe that the combination of foreign language acquisition and 21st century skills will enable Sela PCS students to begin a lifelong encounter with people and cultures around the world, enrich their lives, and prepare them to be truly global citizens.

In partnership with the Sidney M. & Phyllis O. Bresler Foundation,, EJF Philanthropies supports the 1-to-1 iPad program as part of the larger STEM program at Sela. Each 1st and 2nd grade student will be assigned an iPad to be used throughout the school year and this iPad will travel throughout the day to our students’ different classes. This integration is a key component of the STEM initiative, as it will emphasize digital skills that are critical to developing, strengthening, and preparing children for success in a 21st Century world.

Sela Public Charter School