Creating a Healthier Food System

We are involved with a number of efforts to creating a healthier food system and find alternatives to meat coming from animals raised in confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs).

Through impact investments, we are building supply chains for higher-welfare kosher meat raised from animals raised outside of the CAFO system, and we are supporting the growth of the plant-based protein market.

Through grants, we are working with organizations such as Farm Forward to improve farmed animal welfare and highlight the link between the health of animals used for food and the health of humans who eat them.

We are also the primary funders of the Jewish Initiative for Animals . Our efforts are based on the ancient Jewish value of t’zaar baalei chayim, which translates as reducing unnecessary suffering for animals. Our JIFA partners include the Neuman Family Foundation, Leichtag Foundation, Foer Foundation, the Rose Community Foundation, the Stone Family Charitable Trust, and Dr. Bronner’s.