J. Kahlil Panopio

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J. Kahlil Panopio – Philippine Eagle

The majestic Philippine eagle is one of the world’s largest, most powerful birds of prey. Previously known as the ‘monkey-eating eagle’, the Philippine eagle feeds mainly on monkeys and flying lemurs. It is also known to eat rodents, bats, pigs and monitor lizards. Individuals can live to be 30 to 60 years of age. Despite its strength, this impressive bird is now under huge threat from deforestation as each pair requires an area of forest bigger than the city of Oxford to rear a single chick.

Kahlil has completed his field surveys to look for Philippine Eagles. Kahlil was able to confirm the presence of a pair of Philippine Eagles visually and through their call in 4 out of the 5 sites. The results of the field surveys were presented to the Municipal Local Government Council of Gabaldon and the Barangay Local Government Council in preparation for the development of a Critical Habitat Management Plan.