Withoon Sodsai

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Withoon Sodsai – Sunda Pangolin

The Critically Endangered Sunda pangolin is an understudied and elusive mammal. Their populations are suspected to have declined by over 80% within the last 20 years, making it one of the most exploited animals in the world. Much of this decline is due to poaching for international illegal trade.

During his Fellowship, Withoon aims to improve the conservation status of the Sunda pangolin in the study area, through the development of an effective surveying methodology, the collection of baseline data, and improvement of law enforcement efficiency in the protection of the species.

Withoon recently attended and passed the EDGE Conservation Tools training course in the Philippines and had this to say about beginning his EDGE Fellowship:

 “I applied for the EDGE Fellowship because I knew that it would be a first big challenge for an early-career conservationist. I enjoyed everything about the EDGE Conservation Tools course but the most rewarding part was interacting with new friends who are like-minded, and enthusiastic about working for conservation.”