Children's National Medical Center

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The IMPACT DC program provides care and education to children in Washington, D.C. who are suffering from asthma and receiving inadequate ongoing care. This treatment helps prevent acute asthma attacks which require visits to the emergency room.

The need for IMPACT DC’s treatment approach is especially critical in lower-income parts of the city. Children from these areas have asthma attacks requiring emergency care at a significantly higher rate than children living in wealthier neighborhoods. The map to the right highlights this disparity.

Since IMPACT DC’s inception in 2003, there has been an approximately 40% decline in the number of emergency department visits at Children’s National Medical Center for asthma among at-risk DC children. This decline occurred against a backdrop of an approximately 35% increase in the number of emergency department visits among D.C. children overall.

EJF Philanthropies is currently providing general operating support for the IMPACT DC program. We are also funding a research study in which IMPACT DC is evaluating the outcomes of in-school asthma treatment delivery administered by school nurses.