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Reboot affirms the value of Jewish traditions and creates new ways for people to make them their own. Inspired by Jewish ritual and embracing the arts, humor, food, and philosophy, Reboot produces creative projects that spark the interest of young Jews and the larger community. Among their productions are events, exhibitions, recordings, books, films, DIY activity toolkits, and apps. Since their inception, 480 network members, 700 community organization partners, and hundreds of thousands of people have looked to Reboot to rekindle connections and re-imagine Jewish lives full of meaning, creativity, and joy.

In 2016, EJF/P underwrote Reboot’s Kibitz podcast series. This series was about asking interesting questions and exploring Judaism through a cultural and humorous¬†lens. EJF/P supports Reboot’s independent creative expression. The content of the Kibitz series was not necessarily reflective of the opinions of the trustees of the foundations under the EJF/P umbrella.