About Us

Our grantmaking approach is based on five principles:

  • We believe in the power of working together to create change.  We are actively looking for other philanthropists and foundations with complementary grantmaking objectives with whom we can partner.
  • We believe that nonprofit organizations should work with one another to further their shared goals.
  • We believe in helping our grantees build capacity, leverage existing resources, and increase the impact they are having.
  • We believe in accountability. Our success is measured by our grantees’ success, so we expect our grantees to have performance metrics in place and to report on their program outcomes.
  • We believe in the importance of innovation and creativity. We want to fund organizations that operate in the “adjacent possible” – the space that is right outside of “business-as-usual”.


Grant Solicitations

We regret that we cannot take unsolicited grant proposals, but, if you have a program which you think we might interested in funding, please send us a brief (one paragraph) inquiry describing the program, its budget, and the metrics you are using to measure its performance.